a passion play (apassionplay) wrote in thequestionclub,
a passion play

It seems that a lot of people are posting their dreams here recently so I figured I'd join the bandwagon.

What in the world do you think this dream could possibly be about?

I had a dream where I was on livejournal defending veganism* and there was a guy who kept insisting that killing a cow was better than killing a cat. He sent a pill through my computer and I swallowed it. Out of nowhere I was in the middle of a field with two people and one cat. They kept talking about how the ground needed to have more grass on it so I tried thinking of suggestions. The man stared at me for a second and laughed. He picked up the cat and snapped it's neck. He threw the cat on the ground and sprinkled a tiny bit of grass over it. He kept repeating this until the whole field was full of cats with broken necks. He put those big patches of grass over all of them so it just looked like bumps. I remember being fascinated and kind of scared because it was something I had never witnessed before. I turned around and I was back in my room reading a book and I felt a weird sense of longing.

*I'm no longer vegan and I haven't been for quite some time & I only have one friend who is vegan.
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