jean-ralphio (hobogloves) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. What was the last injustice/outrage you were subject to? Please rant here if you like. It can be as petty or as major as you'd like.

2. What made you feel better?

1. I was driving and the person in front of me put their car into reverse and proceeded to accelerate into me. Despite the laying-on of my horn, this person just drove off. So of course I followed; the person was a scary driver. I was sure that either someone was drunk at 6:30 pm OR some 12-year-old kid had taken the parents' car for a joyride. Turns out it was a REALLY old lady; I saw her when she made a U-turn in the middle of a busy street at the police station, which she drove straight to after hitting me. She drove off, and I went into the police station to report the accident. Turns out it only "counts" if there is damage to the car or if someone's injured. Since all she did was scratch and dent my license plate. So nothing happened to the old lady, and I had nowhere to funnel my anger. Meanwhile, the streets of San Francisco are not safe because this old lady is out there, like a time bomb of reckless driving waiting to explode when she injures herself or someone else. /rant

2. Beef satay pho and veggie summer rolls. Yummmm.
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