HOH (heart_over_head) wrote in thequestionclub,

What do you think of this? Dumb idea?

My math professor will not be going over a whole section of stuff in trig (10.1-10.10) that I will have to know in Calculus next quarter. Plus, he's going very slow. We've been going over 4.1 for a 1.5 weeks and there are so many other things that we need to cover. Other classes are on 4.5 already. So I tried to switch into another class where the professor will be including 10.1-10.10.

There had only been 2 days of that class, and I showed up on the 3rd day, asking if I could get into her class. She said that since I wasn't there before, she won't let me in. I told her that the reason why I want to be in her class is because it's going at a faster pace, and that we're still on 4.1 while her class is on 4.5. She wouldn't budge, saying that it's unfair for her to let me in (her class is apparently full) when I am already enrolled in another class, but if I wasn't and I was there before, she would have let me in. I stayed throughout the class anyway and she said I was welcome to stay that day.

I really like her teaching, and I'm already way ahead of my real math class, reading up to 4.7 already. Do you think it's silly to come to her class everyday, even if I'm not a student? I won't turn in homework. I just like her lectures and feel I could learn more from her than my current professor. Plus, it's not too late for her to change her mind by the next class. But I won't ask her again. I'll just ask if it's okay for me to stay even if I'm not in her class. I'll tell her that we're not covering 10.1-10.10, and that I'm going to come to her class everyday to learn it for Calculus if it's okay with her.

How do you think she'll react to it? What do you think of this?
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