. (grandemochafrap) wrote in thequestionclub,

 1)  I was listening to Catholic Radio and I tuned in as a priest was talking about IVF.  He said that IVF is "a mind boggling evil" because several potential lives were lost to create one child. 

I'm not asking the moral question of whether it's ok or wrong, but do you think his statement of being a mind boggling evil is a little extreme?

2a) Do you eat your leftovers?
2b) Does it matter what it is?

1) Yeah.  I understand why it's considered a sin but I don't consider it to be any more sinful that telling a lie.  I used to live nextdoor to a couple that had a child via IVF because they were unable to get pregnant naturally.  They're good people that wanted to create a family.

2a) Not usually.  I always take a doggy bag and say "I'll save this for later" or "I'll save this for lunch tomorrow."  I never do.  It usually gets thrown out or I let someone else eat it.

2b) I had some prime rib left over from Outback yesterday.  I actually ate my leftovers for lunch today.

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