kitlizzy (kitlizzy) wrote in thequestionclub,

What can I make in a frying pan?


-Total time from getting pan and ingredients out, to completed edibility = 30 min or less (sautéeing and poaching are happening a lot already if that's not obvious)
-Must be able to prep and cook it while at the same time minding a newly walking 13 month old
-Must be able to buy ingredients at a pretty lamely stocked store for less than $50/week
-Must be palatable to a 28 year old mom, a 13 month old boy (though in small quantities) and an 88 year old grandmother
-Something that preps the night before in under 15 minutes (not necessarily involving a frying pan) and can be cooked in under 30 minutes the next night works too.

PS - I am perfectly capable of cooking nicer/more involved things, but I have to jam dinner, cleanup, bath, changing and playing into a hour and a half. ;)
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