kitlizzy (kitlizzy) wrote in thequestionclub,

Lost kitty ideas?

Has anyone has an indoor cat get out and not come back? What did you do to try to find him? Happy endings/sad stories?

My cat got out yesterday and we didn't know until we came home at about 1am. We've walked a 4 block radius and called for him 6 different times, and we've started putting up flyers, and left food @ the back door, but it's like he got sucked up by aliens - we can't find him. (His previous owners did let him go outside, so he's not totally clueless, but he snuck out w/ut his collar, so he has no ID)

EDIT: - Our neighbors found him and were able to corral him long enough for us to retrive him. Thanks so much for the suggestions - I'm really glad I didn't have to use any of them. :D
Tags: cats

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