The Reigning Champ of the Teething Crowd (shippo) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Reigning Champ of the Teething Crowd

Does anyone know where I can get an image of those safety instruction cards that flight attendants read over before a flight takes off? Better yet, is there any way I can get a real one, other than swiping one?

Also, what are some airport/airplane/flying-related things that begin with the letters A, N, or R?

Clarification: Items need to be something that I can give to a person. For example: A bag of salted peanuts (nuts). I'm giving a co-worker the movie Airplane! for Secret Santa, and I want to do a theme of "flying-related" stuff. (The A, N, R items are so I can give her a gag gift of an NRA Christmas ornament, and say that the "theme" was items that spell out NRA.)
Tags: travel

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