tynyx (tynyx) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. Do you believe in ghosts/spirits/hauntings?

2. Have you ever lived in/slept in/visited a supposedly haunted place? Did you experience anything

3. Do you believe in people having psychic/telekenetic/ extra sensory abilities?

4. Do you have any abilities?

5. If so have you told people (friends or loved ones...not just random people on the street) about them? How do they react? If they don't believe, do you try to convince them by doing something?

1. Yes

2. Yes, I used to live in a haunted house and had numerous experiences. They've ranged from just having the mild cold spot/ cold draft where there should be no cold draft, to actually having a picture of bloodied/bruised face in the television when it was off (we were taking christmas pictures in the living room). I've also heard, footsteps, crying (both a child and a woman), a man's voice sort of growling/screaming, I've had the blankets pulled off of me in my sleep and had missing items appear in the middle of my bed after weeks of having been lost.

I also spent about 12 hours on a film shoot from 2 am to 2 pm at a partially shut down mental hospital...to this day it just creeps me out to think about it...I can't even talk about the feeling in the air/phantom feelings/smells/sounds without feeling all off inside

3. Yes

4. Yes, all the women on my mom's side of the family have abilties. I'm mildy clairvoyant in addition to being more than just mildly clairsentient (extra sensory ability related to touch) and clairaudient (extra sensory ability related to hearing).

5. Yes. Some believe some dont...its not my place (or anyones) place to force anything on anyone if they are passionately skeptical but I've freaked out a couple of my friends who are just mild disbelievers :P its always fun
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