the congreve cube (leastlikely) wrote in thequestionclub,
the congreve cube

i have a big presentation in my english class today.. if you remember me asking like a week ago about african-american music? well, i chose my songs and i wrote my entire presentation centered around the songs. i was planning on practicing it basically all day today. well, my walkman ran out of batteries and i don't have any more. so i plugged my headphones into my computer and was trying to play the cd along with my speech so i knew when to switch tracks and change the volume and whatever.. and it didn't work. i had to save it as a music cd because there's no computer in the classroom; i don't know if that has anything to do with it. i tried opening it in itunes (which is what i normally use) and it froze up so i closed it. i opened it again and after a few clicks the first song started to play so i was doing my speech and then i got to the part where i needed to skip to the next track and the same song started playing - but according to the playlist it was different. i accidentally skipped ahead one too far and tried to go back to see if it would be the correct song but it froze up. so i tried it in wmp. freezy freezy. ran a virus scan and deleted some dirty files, tried to eject the cd but it didn't work, rebooted the computer, finally ejected the cd, put it back in, tried wmp again - no luck. tried realone - the program said Not Responding so i tried to ctrl+alt+del it and it kept saying it was closing and would ask me to do an error report but the actual realplayer window refused to close. it finally closed when i took the cd out... so i don't really know how i'm going to practice, but sadly enough i'm more worried about the computer right now - i can wing the presentation.

any ideas why my computer is being so screwy or what i can do about it? i played a 'normal' cd (not one i burned) on it last night and it worked just fine!

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