yattaboe (yattaboe) wrote in thequestionclub,

it's only a model

what would you do if, for 24 hours (and 24 hours only), there was a clone of yourself? this clone doesn't have a soul or share your own, necessarily - maybe it's just a physical and behavioral representation of you; it looks/feels/smells/sounds just like you and reacts just as you would to the situation it encounters within the day. would you watch it? study it? do you think you would you feel fascinated, appalled, alienated, bored? what would you make out with yourself, to see what it's like? would you fight yourself? cuddle? race?

can you picture what it's like to observe/view yourself - actually, physically?

do you think there's anything (specific) you might find strange/surprising?

how's your relationship to yourself now (cloneless)?

i'm feeling curious today. note: this is NOT a question on what you would try to accomplish and/or get away with if you could split yourself in two.

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