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 Is it illegal to lay off (pretty much fire) someone who hasn't done anything wrong and has performed up to par with the rest of his/her coworkers, maybe even better? Someone that has worked there for months?

Me, my twin sister, and my two best friends all worked at steve and barrys. My sister and I recieved jobs in early July and my other friends applied much later. When I had my interview, I told him that I knew a girl who said she had worked there in the past, but was let go because of overhiring and there was a shortage on labor hours. He flat out told me that it was a lie and that he just didn't like her there. He told me they were trying to hire more people to weed out all of the "bad workers". I didn't think twice about it because she was quite trashy.

Anyways, when I first got a job there, I would go out after closing with all the workers and chill. We would go out to eat, bowling, ect. Then I started to stop because frankly it was quite boring and I was sick of wasting my time and money hanging out with people I really didn't care for. BTW. my manager is 27 and still thinks it's cool that he can legally drink. He also parties with underage kids that he has hired which I personally think is pathetic. Me and my friends (all 17) decided that even though we wern't totally hung up on the job, that we would stay just for the money. During this time, we all worked fine, our job was only folding clothes, ringing people up, and putting them back where they went.

Then came a week where all of us looked on the schedule and noticed that we wern't scheduled for two weeks. We all asked for hours but they said they were short on labor. This is a lie, and they just got done hiring tons of new people for the christmas season that they should have let go once the holidays were over. So since we are paid bi-weekly, when we went in to get our paychecks we were all informed that we were "laid off" because of hours, and when we asked when we would be able to come back they said never and that we would be removed from the system, so if they ever did need anyone, they could not call us. Right then I knew the whole comapny was fucked up and that they did the same thing to me that they mentioned they did to the girl i mentioned before.

The thing is... we all were great, we finished our rooms really well and were good at what we did. This is why they could not flat-out fire us for our work ethic. We were fired because we did not fit in with "the cool crowd." And! we were not hired last, shouldn't they make it last ones hired, first ones fired?

There are pictures on myspace of my manager drinking with underage kids from Steve and Barrys. I am very tempted to send them to a higher authority there so his ass well be out of a job, just like me and all of my friends.

              - I would really love everyone's feedback. I am thinking about taking legal actions.
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