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Do you find it irritating to read magazine articles about bands or actors you like?

I do. I avoid them like the plague. I admit I have an interest in learning more about my favorite celebrities...but whenever I read more than one or two pieces, I begin to realize how much the articles and magazines vary. They portray what they know will sell their magazine, not the person who's sitting across from them answering questions.

I don't know much about the magazine article writing/interviewing process. I'm sure the person doing the interviewing has a great influence on the article...but I just feel like I'm wasting my time reading something that may or may not be an accurate (or for that matter, truthful) representation of a performer that I admire.

(And just for the record, I feel the same for celebrities I don't particularly like as well. In fact, I read more articles about people I don't like than people I do like...because it doesn't irritate me as much. I'm rambling. I'll stop.)

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