The Sparkly One (sparkleplenty03) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Sparkly One

A friend, her boyfriend, myself, and her father, are going to NYC in a few weeks. We'll be there for the weekend before Christmas, and we want to pack in as many touristy things as possible. So far, we have:

- skating in Rockefeller Center
- using the restrooms in the Plaza (long running joke)
- Spinning ourselves silly in the center of Times Square
- Eating hot dogs at Grey's Papaya. Best. hot. dogs. ever.
- Spotting yet another MTV celeb in Tower Records.
- Dressing up for a visit to Tavern on the Green.
- Wandering through Central Park and re-enacting the scenes from Home Alone.
- Dinner in China Town.

Any other ideas? We're all 18, but keep in mind we don't have that much cash.

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