jenn (_dontwalkaway_) wrote in thequestionclub,

I hate surprises.

Today while I was at school and my boyfriend was at work, he text messaged me and said that he has a really big surprise for me tonight around 8:30. I tried like hell to get it out of him but he wouldn't budge, except I did get a few hints out of him. Help me think of what it could be?

-He has to physically put it together, and it'll take him about 2 hours.
-He's going to take me somewhere to see it.
-I have to be blindfolded.. "There's no other way," he says. =P
-He found out about it yesterday at 4pm but is waiting till tonight.
-I don't know if it's something he's showing me or giving me, he wouldn't divulge that info.

I just told my mom and right away she said, "I bet I know what it is!" But she wouldn't tell me either. I hate waiting =/

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