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job questions

i'm considering applying for a new position at my current place of employment. i'm only planning on staying at the company until july at the latest, since i'll be doing a work placement for my college program that will require me to available full days for at least 10 weeks. i'm also not technically available for the exact hours they want, but it's only 15 hours a week and i can work those on my days off from school.

the new position would give me extra training in a different section that would look great on my resume, and it will give me some flexibility if i ever need to go back to the company in the case that i don't get a full-time job after my work placement.

so, do i go ahead and apply for the position? how do i convince them that it's a good idea to move me over even though i'll only be there until july? is it even possible to convince them of that? they already seem fairly interested, and some of my co-workers have told me to apply, but what are the chances they'll want to hire someone for the position who won't be there permanently?
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