Candice with an I (supersyncspaz7) wrote in thequestionclub,
Candice with an I

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freaking out here

Okay, so I'm finishing the final draft of my big book review for my English class, and I have my diskette with a previous draft on it. Well, we had peer review last time, and I had printed a copy that a girl in my class, TJ, wrote comments on about what I should/shouldn't change and so on. Well, in my haste, I didn't check my binder before leaving, and I don't have the paper copy of that friggin' draft.

This has never happened to me. I'm thisclose to panicking and not going to class. I have NEVER forgotten a draft. I'm going to seriously write the paper, but what should I do about the draft? Print another copy of the first one and turn that in? Explain to my instructor? I can't go back to the house and get it because I live thirty minutes away from campus, and I had a ride.

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