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Acronym: LSMISMT

Does anyone know of a server on IRC that has a good trivia room with a kick ass trivia-bot? There used to be one on KnightNet by the name of Brodie, but, due to people being stupid, and subsequently lazy, he disappeared and was never heard from again. Poor bastard. At least we had Mozfreeq, but I digress...

Good trivia-bot qualities include: many different categories of questions, statement of correct answer if not correctly guessed in the allotted time, progressive hint help, maybe some witty trash talk, etc.

If you love your IRC trivia-bot, or are aware of one that rawks people's socks, please, let me know where it is located. dulcius and I would very much like to re-indulge our boring selves in sweet juicy trivia goodness. Mmm, useless facts...

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