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Overseas phone calls and Eggs

Two questions for you folks:

1. How does calling overseas work? I've read and read about long-distance phone calls, and I now know too much about how phones work, but nothing I read told me how this works over oceans. I'm assuming there aren't copper or fibreoptic cables stretched across the oceans.

2. Is it bad for you if you eat 6 eggs in one day? Just once that is, not on a regular basis. Otherwise eating very few eggs (say maybe one or two a week), and no meat (vegetarian). I had a craving for Eggs Benedict (cheese instead of ham) this evening, so I bought half a dozen eggs (minimum you can get), and made Hollandaise sauce, but I'm not sure how long the prepared hollandaise sauce will keep (it was from a package, added water and margarine). I don't want to waste the sauce, and am perfectly hungry enough to eat four more eggs Benedict in the next 12 hours or so.


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