ChuBekah (bluemeanies) wrote in thequestionclub,

Three/four questions

  • I really like the layout in my livejournal (bluemeanies), but the menu bar to the right is really boring. Does anybody have any ideas about how I could make it more interesting? I was thinking about mabye changing the way it looks, or adding a "current desktop" thumbnail, something like that. Anybody got some better ideas?

  • Does anyone know why my graphics journal's userinfo won't show the "Friend Of" information? (Click here for my userinfo page). It has "Mutual Friends," but not "Friends of;" I use the same style system on both of them, and I've checked just about everywhere for an option that would let me change this, but without luck. Should I take this question to everything_lj?

  • On the show Teen Titans, why is Robin one of the characters if all the others are original? And am I the only one who thinks that Brother Blood is really, really cool?

Okay, I'll leave you guys alone now.

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