The Epiphanies of John (johnyboy) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Epiphanies of John

the Mazda3: silver or red?

The Mazda3: should I go with red or silver?

I've been thinking red or black. Black just looks amazing but, sadly, was ruled out because it's so hard to keep a black car looking clean and it shows every imperfection. This left red, my traditional favorite. My current car is red and has been since I got it painted that way a few years ago. So I was all set on red. Then a friend of mine who came with me to the dealership pointed to the silver and said it looked better than the red and, dammit, I'm starting to see his point. So now I'm conflicted: silver or red?

I'm about to sign the papers on a car (the dealer still has to locate it, so doesn't matter much to them) and I don't know what color I want! Gah!!!

Help? Anyone? Opinions? =(

(warning: color selector function not FF friendly.)

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