I speak low but I'm like a lion roarin' (tripoverthings) wrote in thequestionclub,
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has anyone ever become inundated with spam from "foxio.net"?  it's not a real website and i think it might be spyware related but can't find anything about it if it is.  but for months now i've been getting anywhere from 2 to 10 emails in my junkmail folder that are related to this place.  it's mostly things like "costa rican real estate", "become our secret shopper!" and ads for the dish network and winning a fee imac, stuff like that.  it's really friggin' obnoxious and of course i've tried 1000000 times to unsubscribe from whatever list they had me on and of course they keep sending me stuff.

i consider this harassment.  and gmail doesn't let me actually block a domain the way yahoo mail would.  isn't there any recourse i have to make them leave me alone at this point?

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