t0xicwaste (t0xicwaste) wrote in thequestionclub,

Drive Space

How can I find out what is taking up space on my C and D drive?

By right-clicking on my Windows (C:) icon, it showed how much space was being used:

I don't understand why so much space is being used. I basically just have My Documents (which I will move to my D drive later on) and some system files. What's funny is that I have EVERYTHING on my D drive - videos, mp3s, programs, but it takes up less space! What's going on? @_@

Clicking on "Disk Cleanup" it ONLY shows:

As you can see, my Temporary Internet Files is 2.12 MB. I always delete them when I get off the internet.

So I guess the real question is, are there any programs that go in-depth to see what programs/files is taking up disk space, and how much? Is there a community that could help me with this question? Please tell me if there is.

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