(CLU) (desirsar) wrote in thequestionclub,

I owe around $500 in old bills turned over to collection agencies. (I've lived in the dorm for almost two years now, so it hasn't been a concern as far as getting utilities.) If I fail any classes this semester, I won't be elligible for federal financial aid anymore. (And I think I might...) I also feel like I am getting more and more depressed that I can't find a girlfriend, and that I don't make any friends here.

My mom just lent/gave (depends how fast I can pay it back, if I can) $800 for tuition, and she gave me about that amount last fall as well. She asks me fairly regularly if there is anything I need, if anything is wrong, and other stuff like that when she calls (2-3 times a week.) Should I give up all of these details the next time she calls? (So far I don't think she knows anything about any of them.)

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