Shannon (sunk) wrote in thequestionclub,


This has been bugging me for ages:

I remember reading something--a short story, I think; Perhaps part of an anthology. The story was essentially a series of dated letters, from a girl to... someone; I can't remember to whom the letters were written. Anyway, in it, the girl's father meets a woman, and I seem to remember the girl not liking the woman. What I remember best is that near the end, the father somehow cuts a paw from a cat, and later, they find the woman who'd been basically dating the father, dead, with her hand missing.

Does anyone know the author? The book title? I'd settle for the story title! It isn't as if it was the best story ever (I believe I read it in elementary school.), but not being able to remember is driving me batty.

(Two questions in a row. Yay me.)

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