righteousbean (righteousbean) wrote in thequestionclub,

what does this mean???

In my dream there were all these people, they looked like some people I work with, but they weren't them. I was comfortable and friendly with everyone in my dream though. Then I was somehow engaged, I think I was engaged to Matt although he was not in the dream, not that I can remember. I think the idea of him was in there, I just didn't see him. Then someone was saying that I should plan my wedding for April and I kept saying that I couldn't do that because that is when Diana is getting married and I couldn't possibly get married the same month as her, plus I wouldnt have enough time to plan the wedding. Then out of nowhere I blurted out that I want a fall wedding and that a November wedding would be awesome and I could wear white boots and a white jacket with my dress. I pictured all that in my dream and felt it was a really good idea. Then someone said that the wedding should be on a Saturday and I remember saying in my dream that yes that was good but that I could not have the wedding on November 11th because that is Remeberance Day and generally not a good idea. I said I would get married on November 18th. That day seemed to be really important and kept coming up in the dream. This wedding preparation for the 18th of November. When I woke up somehow I knew that in 2 years November 18th was going to be a Saturday.

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