elsiemOnster (elsiemonster) wrote in thequestionclub,

another voting-related question

I found out that my ex-boyfriend didn't vote. I think he was too lazy to register (although I'm sure his excuse might be that he "didn't think about it until it was too late"). In fact, he didn't vote in the 2000 election... probably for the same reason! Did he forget to register to vote in the past 4+ years? I'm so glad we're not together anymore, because I don't think I can date someone who didn't value their right to vote.* Can you?

Margaret Cho -- hate her? love her? no opinion? (or other?)

* When we were dating, he was a registered voter AND he majored in History. He loves talking about politics and he even attended the Republican National Convention this year. Plus, he use to make judgmental comments on people who didn't care to vote.
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