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Yay for injury questions!

If I had a digital camera, I'd take pictures, so hopefully my description will be enough.

I got hit early in a soccer game on Thursday, and I could tell (from having done this dozens of times just about anywhere you can imagine, from all the sports I play) that I broke a blood vessel. It was on the inside of my knee, so I noticed it for the rest of the game, but it didn't hurt bad enough that I couldn't ignore it. (In fact, I kept going in hard on tackles, and a 230 pound guy moving in on the ball at the same speed as the 160 pound guys can run generally works out for the 230 pound guy. :) ) After the game, I iced it until I went to bed, when I switched and iced my shins instead. (I don't run enough, and I get tendonitis in the shins and knees sometimes.) It was a bit stiff the next day until I walked between all my classes. I played badminton with a friend that evening, and it made my shins worse, but my knee didn't get any worse. I iced the shins again, but didn't do anything with the knee, which still had a bruise, but it seemed to get smaller. It was purple while it was this small size, and looked like any random bruise.

Over the next couple days, it expanded and developed dark spots in the center, It didn't hurt to the touch, but didn't go away. Yesterday and today it has gotten bigger yet, and hurts very slightly when touched (the skin itches when I touch it, also.) It is slightly bigger than a gold dollar coin. The outer edges are a feint purple with purple-black spots. More toward the middle it turns maroon colored with red spots, and in the center it is skin colored with dark red spots.

Anyone know if this coloring and prolonged bruising is a sign of something else? It didn't match anything I saw for descriptions of torn ligaments, tendons, muscles, or dislocations. I have full mobility in the knee, it just looks really bad. If it's not gone in a couple more days and I don't get a response from here that sounds likely (and is something I can treat), I'll probably go to the health center and have a doctor look at it.

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