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I feel silly about all this. I know I have to answer them myself, but it's comforting to ask other people what they think. Or something. ANYWAY.
(edit: I always forget to mention my own gender. female.)

I'm crazy about a girl who has a boyfriend. I wrote out some details here that no one probably cares about, so I deleted them. In short: I've been crazy about her for about a year, we have intimate moments sometimes, I don't want her to cheat on him with me even if she told me she was willing to (she has before, not with me), she's hurt me badly but doesn't know it, we've gotten close again recently and I find myself forgiving her, I'm crazy about her, our relationship may or may not be going anywhere.

There's also this boy. I've always said that any girl who was with him would be incredibly blessed. He's wiped away my tears when I was sobbing, he's the one person I talk to about romantic problems, he's optimistic and full of life, he's a great guy. A week ago, a friend gave me an inkling that he has a crush on me. I've considered the possibility, but always ended up deciding I'm happy as his friend.

So. I'm not sure how to word this. Would it be unfair to him if I tried getting into something with him while I was still crazy about the girl? Would it be stupid of me not to give it a chance because I'm still addicted to this girl who's hurt me?
The thing that really bothers me: I don't know if I'd be sexually attracted to the boy. I have been attracted to boys, but I can't see myself doing anything with him. Maybe it's just because the person I'm crazy about is a girl, or maybe I just really don't have anything for boys anymore. I don't know. Ack. Does anyone know what I mean?

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