Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

So... Reality tv. I'm doing this little mini... thing... on it being kinda rigged. (Don't feel like you're helping me with my homework. Last presentation he gave everyone an A. everyone, in a class of 20-odd, got a 92. ::Eyeroll:: This is more to make myself look smart.)

I tried googling reality tv and rigged, but i mostly came up with message boards. Does anybody:

know of actual fact sites Like, I remember hearing about some survivor-type show contestant saying it was "very strongly suggested" to her that she needed to vote for a particular person)

have their own pet theory? such as...I watched an episode of this disney camp show 'bug juice'... real camp my ass... the camera men followed a kid sneaking out of his cabin at night... And I instantly *knew* it had to be rigged, because why would they be out there unless they knew he was going to bail, and if he knew the cameras were there, why would he have gone on this hella-gonna-get-in-trouble mission to visit some of the girls? easy: it was scripted.

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