mr. steve f.f. snuggles (severalmoose) wrote in thequestionclub,
mr. steve f.f. snuggles

If yr in school...

Have you gotten your term grades yet?
How'd you do? Are you satisfied?

iarch 383 P*
arch 450 spatial composition A+
arch 470 building construction A- (I think, I have a 90% in the class with no official posting)
german 101 A

I'm satisfied. I wasn't sure I'd get an A+ in spatial comp and that keeps me at an even 4.0. I'm pissed about building construction grading, but mostly for others and not myself. German could have been an easy A+ because it's a 101 class but to be honest it just wasn't worth the time. LOL PERFECTIONIST

How was this term for you, overall?

MY TERM SUCKED BALLS. I had a zillion mental/physical breakdowns. But this is supposed to be the 'hardest term' I guess for my major. Whatevz. Tears were shed for that little P* (pass). And also I got really super sick and couldn't do a lot of work during like the 2 most important weeks. But I accomplished a lot. UGH SCHOOL

ETA: I made some cookies like these:

Did you make some cookies like those for the holidays this year? Will you? If not, what kind of holiday cookie WILL you make? If you won't be making cookies, why do you hate Jesus?

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