Jessica (farfalla_dolce) wrote in thequestionclub,

Work related?

Say you work at a very busy ob/gyn office. The docs are in high demand and it is a highend office. Since you have crappy health benefits, you can have your well womans exam there, for a really good price. There are 4 docs. One is a woman, two are youngish good looking men, and one is a grandpa.

Would you see one of the doctors that you work for?

Would you see the woman, or one of the three men?

Would you be able to marry someone who has their hands in a persons vagina pretty much all day long?

What about have them deliver your baby? Two of our nurses had the docs they work for deliver their babies. lol that would be awkward!

After much thought, I did.

I saw the woman. She was really nice about talking to me to keep my mind off her fingers in my vagina, lol.

I don't think I would be able to. I am pretty jealous.

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