Lady Bukowski (hammersickle) wrote in thequestionclub,
Lady Bukowski


My professor said she'd give extra credit to anyone who could get three episodes of "Gilad Bodies in Motion" for her. I could really use the extra credit, but I can't find this stupid workout program anywhere. On Youtube, there are a few really horribly recorded bits, and one that is actually usable. So, my question you know where I could download Gilad episodes? Or, do you have some that you could email to me? She does NOT want the DVDs that you can buy because she prefers the 30 minute format of the tv program. EDITED TO ADD: I don't have a VCR and there is no time to order crap from eBay 'cause the semester is over in three days and I need it before then.

Also, I have to write a paper about my BEST DAY EVER (that sounds like I'm in fifth grade, but it will be seven pages in French, haha). If you were writing about your best day ever, what would you write about?

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