delphinese (delphinese) wrote in thequestionclub,

Kitty problems

The cat my boyfriend is watching until we find a home for it, has suddenly stopped using the litter box. Well, she still urinates in it, but that's it.

When she was with my roommates and I, one of the roomies yelled at her when she kicked a clump of feces out of the box by accident, and it scared her so bad she hid for hours. I personally think this is part of it. We moved her that week to my boyfriend's house, and she seemed to be adjusting well to the new home and the cat and dog my boyfriend already has. At the begining of this week, my boyfriend went on a week long business trip, and ever since he left, Mandy (the kitty) has stopped using the box correctly. She goes either in the shower, on the kitchen floor, or on a rug in the laundry room.

Does anyone have any tips for helping Mandy learn to use the box right again? Thanks

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