Que le lump soit plump! (aacchh) wrote in thequestionclub,
Que le lump soit plump!

Random Query

I'm assuming (despite the dangers inherent therein) that you are all familiar with the "Red Bull gives you wings" commercials, and the disclaimer that follows them. My question is this: Is there actually someone dumb enough to believe that drinking Red Bull will make him or her grow little angel wings and float away? I find it hard to believe that there would be, but why else would they have the disclaimer? Maybe it's like those stickers that you find on microwaves or washing machines that stipulate that one should not put children or animals inside. I'm just wondering if there was an incident (like the woman who spilt McDonald's coffee and then sued them because she didn't know it was hot)that involved a lawsuit because Red Bull didn't live up its commercials. I posted this in my lj and no one gave a satisfactory response. I realize that this is an utterly pointless question, but I'm a pretty pointless person. :)

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