i see you, you see me (deepenmybreath) wrote in thequestionclub,
i see you, you see me

Fuck, guys I think I messed up.

Story breakdown:
Me and my friend went for a job interview, told we were selected, that training starts on Thursday.
Friend got called in on Monday, was told my training starts on Thursday.
Waited until Wednesday afternoon, told that I would be called back, NEVER got called back.
Thursday, told I wasn't put in roster yet.
Sunday, told that I was NOT hired.

Of course I was pissed. I am so angry I can explode. A few minutes ago I just called the manager and told him that I was:
1. Upset
2. That I waited till late at night for the call, even bought required shoes for the job
3. That I DO NOT want his apology
4. Said goodbye and hung up

He still had the guts to say that only shortlisted ones would be called. But he did say we were selected and training WILL start on thursday. I waited a week in vain. It wasn't like a just a job thing. The thing is, he say we were selected, and he went back on that agreement. If it was just a oh we won't be calling because we do not need you I would not have been upset at all.

My question is:
1. Should I have made that call?
2. Would you have made that call?
3. It gave me a warped sense of justice and finality and I don't feel like exploding now, but I talked in a voice that was about to cry(really upset): do you think he would feel guilty? Ok he wouldn't feel guilty. Meh!

4. Console me please? :(
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