launchpad mcquack (_mathlete) wrote in thequestionclub,
launchpad mcquack

my roommate bought a DVD player and something's up with it. or maybe something is up with the TV.

movies play just fine, and all the sound works just fine...except all the dialogue. this happens with every movie we try.

i know very little about this DVD player, only that it is an audivox. my other roommate and i can't find the manual and i think the roommate who bought it said that there was nothing in it about this anyway.

like i said, it could be the TV. we don't get cable or have an antenna so we can't test it out by watching something else.

does anyone have any idea? i tried googling this but i didn't get far.

edit: okay i have no idea what was wrong but it suddenly started working out of nowhere. it figures that this would happen right after i finally ask the internet.
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