I fell off of lj (themournfulduck) wrote in thequestionclub,
I fell off of lj

elevator jumping and prosecution

My friend likes jumping up and down in elevators (and screaming and making animal noises). Sometimes when I'm taking it with him. At first I was kind of afraid of it and now I am just amused. Occasionally I am compelled to participate.

1. Am I going to die in an elevator with him?
2. Do YOU jump up and down in elevators? Have you ever?
3. Could the elevator break if he jumped up and down in it enough?

Unfortunately when he was jumping up and down in an elevator in our dorm, my RA caught him and wrote him up and now he has to go to a hearing about how he "damaged dorm property" and "put other people in danger". (She didn't give him a warning or anything.) And he might get kicked out of the dorm. Well I don't know what could happen to him, but it can't be good.

4. Is he getting his just desserts?

He swears he didn't break the elevator and nobody ever got hurt as a result of his jumping. More people get hurt in the stairwell than in the elevator--I can attest to this. (It is true, however, that the elevator has been out of order twice since the beginning of the school year and I don't know if he had anything to do with that.)

5. How would you advise him to approach this hearing to avoid bad things happening? What should he say to them?
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