Lindsay (justpushplay) wrote in thequestionclub,

Have you ever taken online college classes?

Did you do well in them?

What was your daily schedule? Since you were doing them online, what else was going on in your life?

I do online classes because I travel so much and it's impossible to go a physical classroom. However, I've been struggling really badly with balancing all of the work. I've actually been taking online classes since my junior year of high school (I was home schooled) so I'm unsure as to why I haven't got this down to a science yet. My usual da, while I'm away on work, is traveling during the day, a show at night and then a night at a hotel. Most venues have wi-fi, and some hotels have free internet, so while it's a sketchy way of attending class, it's possible. Hard, but possible. I don't know why I'm inclined to do so, but I'm taking 20 hours next quarter and I know I'll be traveling for most of it. Suicide? Perhaps.

If you've taken online classes - what was your personal way of staying on track and not giving in to distractions? Do you have ANY advice for someone who is both ADD and OCD and struggles to concentrate and focus?
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