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Say you're a guy, for a second. If you're already a guy - that's great.

One night in a bar, you see a girl you've spoken to a couple times before. You buy her and her friend a drink. You come up and talk to her numerous times throughout the night.

This indeed happened to me last night. He seemed interested. As I was leaving, I went over to say goodbye, and I felt like I forced my number on him? I mean. I didn't say. 'YO. Take my number, bitch!' But I said I was leaving, and that I wasn't sure where I was going, and he paused and said 'Do you have my number?'. And I said 'No.' (duh), and then he said, 'Well I'll take yours.' I felt like I instigated this number transaction, and he may not have done it on his own - which means probably I won't get a call.

What do you think?


i probably am overthinking this. except i feel i made a half crucial mistake. because he had called my phone so i would have his number also, and he had said he was going to try to stop into my work the following night. after we'd left the bar, i sent a message (and i'm not even a texter, sober) that said:
subliminal message: you want ice cream tomorrow.

a creepy move?
not something i would have pulled sober.

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