(electrelux) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. Are you a jerk? Are you The Jerk?

2. How much time and money do you think Apple puts into finding songs to sell their iPod? (Ex: Are You Gonna Be My Girl, Music is My Hot Hot Sex)

3. Do you get awkward around people you find to be extremely good looking? When does one get over this?

4. I had a dream I got fired from my job last night. In the dream, I was pissed -- not because I was upset about losing my job, but because they beat me to it (I believe I screamed, "If I'd've known you were going to fire me, I WOULDA QUIT!"). If you came to work, and half way through your shift, a manager (or two) confronted you and asked you to pack up your stuff, how would you feel? Would you be pissed? Relieved? What if they had a good reason?
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