Sarah (crayola_bomb) wrote in thequestionclub,

Any Extreme Home Makeover watchers out there? Or people who know medical conditions

I don't watch it, but there is a marathon on so I mean, it's a last resort when there is nothing else. So, I don't know how old this episode is, but there is a family in Montana, three girls a dad and mom.... they got sent to New York, and they love music and met Hanson. I might be wrong, but it could be the Parker family? Anyway, some of them are suffering from a disease that from what we can tell paralyzes you over time, you lose your neck control, and it can be passed from mother to her babies.... But none of them look like there is anything wrong.

WHAT DISEASE IS THAT?! They said something at one point, but we looked it up and it has nothing to do with what the show says. Any help would be great.
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