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I just told my friend I was going to place a want ad to find him a girlfriend. I said I'd post it in my journal, but now we're thinking Craigslist. He mentioned selling himself on eBay.

1. Aren't there rules against prostitution on eBay? How do you get around those?

2. If you were to write a want-ad for a date, how would it read?

3. Have you ever hooked up with somebody on Craigslist?

4. Have you ever played matchmaker?

5. How much should I get paid if I do find him a girlfriend?

1. I think there are, but if he offered himself as a free gift with purchase, I don't know if that works or not.

2. Well, I'm happy with what I've got, so it would be a parody that just said, "Wanted: a bouquet of flowers. Seriously, just send me some cheap ones."

3. No, I met my husband at an anime con, the boyfriend before that on a usenet group, and the one before THAT on a MUD. I am the internet generation.

4. Yes, and I honestly don't know how that keeps happening. It's only been a time or two now, but really, it's weird.

5. I'm thinking one million dollars. Or a Wii.

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