Anna (baysidex22) wrote in thequestionclub,

I have a friend that I haven't seen a while. We were really close, but we haven't seen each other in about seven months. The last time I saw her, when she was at my house, she was rude to my twin sister for basically no reason. It obviously upset me, and made me reexamine our friendship, especially because I had been telling her how my sister had been having some confidence problems at the time, and her being mean didn't exactly help. She's very bossy and has lied a lot to me (although I should clarify, it was really about stuff that didn't hurt me, I'm not sure if that matters), and just has this attitude with me that implies that she thinks she's smarter than me, better than me, etc. I'm not saying she's all bad, but I feel like a lot of our friendship now consists/possibly has always consisted of her insulting me as a joke (and I was never actually offended, but it did get annoying after a while) and me responding, or us complaining about mutual people that annoy us. Like I said, she isn't a bad person, but I really don't want to be friends anymore. It would be awkward getting together anyway, because we have nothing in common anymore, and I don't want to continue this kind of relationship any longer. I don't know how to break it off though. We both have facebook, so she can always comment me, and blocking her is just ridiculous and overly severe. I don't want to have a confrontation. What would you do if you were me?
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