anapology (anapology) wrote in thequestionclub,

What smell/object/noise reminds you of:

Your Mother: Toilet rolls. Odd one.. at home the toilet paper isn't kept anywhere near the bathroom, but there's always always a new one as the old one is about to run out. It's like my mum is the toilet roll fairy or something. Everytime I run out of toilet paper in my new house I miss my mummy!

Your SO: The oh so catchy and somewhat nerve wrecking song 'Hey There Delilah'.. The first time I heard it was when he played it to me on the guitar, and I thought he had written it about us because it really relates.

Your best friend: Glowsticks! Raving with glowsticks is her thing..

My co-worker told me today that she got pregnant on purpose, just stopped taking her pill so her boyfriend wouldn't leave her. o_O

have you got anything shocking to tell me?

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