i see you, you see me (deepenmybreath) wrote in thequestionclub,
i see you, you see me

I keep dreaming of exams that I've already taken but not got the results for. What's up with that?

I dreamt that I was taking a Literature paper(the last paper that I took) and the questions were really messed up. Before the exam I dreamt that I forgot to bring a literature text(Edgar Allan Poe) and had to borrow from this friend of mine who had 2 and I took the version she got from 1999! People started discussing with each other and they even played ROCK MUSIC!!! And later on they started playing a movie on the huge projector screen and everyone was distracted, including me. Half an hour later I realised I gotta start working and it was really screwed up because for a while I was feeling confused about the questions. When I started to get to work I was rudely woken up by some drilling outside. It's 9.43AM now..

What was your weirdest dream? And if you interpret dreams, what do you think my dream meant?

I'm kind of afraid it's some kind of bad omen.
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