Rhea (xxxnevermorexxx) wrote in thequestionclub,

Have any of you (or anyone you know) ever studied abroad in Japan? More specifically, in Tokyo (Rikkyo or Sophia Universities)? If yes:

- Is it better to do a homestay or live in a dorm/apartment?
- Which of those two universities do people like better? (Ex: I've heard Rikkyo lets you travel more and gives less homework.)
- Are there part-time job opportunities for foreign students?
- What surprised you most during your stay?
- Do you have any general advice to give?

Yes, I am blatantly exploiting this community for my own research purposes. I'm thinking of studying abroad for a semester next year and I can't find anyone on campus with advice.

More generally and just for fun, do those of you who have studied abroad anywhere have any fun or horrible stories to share?

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