tynyx (tynyx) wrote in thequestionclub,

Around this time last year I was driving home from work and made a left hand turn at the tail end of an advance green when this speeding jack fuck came out of nowhere and t-boned the back end of my car so hard that it spun right around twice. The car was totalled as was the other guy's car but nobody was hurt except for I had a mild case of whip lash, a couple bruised ribs and a bruise the shape of australia from the seatbelt.

I still get a little shakey when I have to make left hand turns now and I find it puzzling that its taking so long for me to not be nervous about this....so....

Have you ever been in a serious car accident?

If so, what happened?

Who's fault was it?

Were you hurt?

Are you still a nervous driver (if you were after the accident)?

How long did it take to concur your nerves (if you were nervous about driving after)?

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