mr. steve f.f. snuggles (severalmoose) wrote in thequestionclub,
mr. steve f.f. snuggles

Are you/were you an architecture student?
Do you know any architecture students?

Do you know anyone who has been hospitalized for sleep-deprivation or similar? Injuries?
What's the latest you (or someone you know) have/has ever stayed up? Longest in studio?
How many times do you (or someone you know) break down per term?
Honestly, is it worth it?

If no, does it sound like fun?

Yes, from sleep-deprivation, but more from some combination of sleep-deprivation/stress/overworking and illness. And yes, for stitches on fingers from x-acto cuts. I've heard of people jabbing themselves in the stomach too, but I've never seen it happen.
Me-- 36 hours because I can't function without sleep. Other people-- most have done over 40 or 50, of my friends, 3.5 days is the record. The longest I've stayed in studio is like two days, a lot of people can top that... I'm only a second-year right now so it's still pretty laid back.
This term, most times than I can count on one hand. I got really sick twice and also lost a bunch of stuff. This was my hardest term yet. Tears were definitely shed.
I hope so.

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