Jenna (anythingtwice) wrote in thequestionclub,

My Ontario G1 driver's licence expires in February 2008. I have yet to attempt the road test to get my G2. I kept putting it off while I was in high school, then I moved to Toronto for university and I just take transit all the time. I haven't really practiced at all in the past four years or so, I generally dislike driving (it makes me anxious) and don't plan on owning a car anytime soon. The only thing a valid licence would do for me is provide valid photo ID/proof of age that isn't my passport, and if it was a G2 I suppose I could be nice and be the designated driver for my friends since I don't drink.

So what do you say, TQC? Shall I book a road test for sometime over my upcoming winter break? I'll be back in my hometown then with my mother and her car. Is it better to try and possibly/likely fail than to just let my licence wither away?

Update: All right, I'll do it, alas it won't be until January until after classes start so it'll be HORRIBLY INCONVENIENT. Blah.

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