Leah (x__leah__x) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. How on Earth am I supposed to get my first job if a) Iceland don't reply even though I've submitted 2 forms and b) everywhere says I need prior experience? God, I hate being young and inexperienced! How did you get your first job and what was it?

2. I posted a question a few weeks ago asking what Microsoft had to do to help my dad because they lost his XBOX360. He got it for Xmas last year and it stopped working in October. There were no "red lights of death" or whatever you call it. He then spent a month trying to get answers to why it was knackered and Microsoft told him to send it to Germany for repair. He sent it on the 7th November and we still don't have it back. What's your horror stories about big companies ripping you off?

3. How are you bringing in the New Year?

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